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A Romance novel by Mackeline Wilson-Gibbs

Nichoatra Williams, a middle age single woman is ecstatic when she meets a man she thinks could be a possible life partner. Shortly after their meeting, she finds out he’s married. At the recommendation of her best friend, Nicky agrees to a platonic friendship with the man. After four months, he manages to penetrate the walls of her heart. But, she’s unable to move beyond the guilt of being with another woman’s husband despite his generosity. His affection becomes obsessive when she tries to move on.

Thought provoking,  Passionate, Suspenseful, A must read

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Book Review

“Nichoatra is nicely written. I found the author’s message
articulated in a style that is easily read and readily understood. I would recommend Nichoatra to young women who are trying to decipher the contrast between growing pains and pains inflicted with malice. I’m looking forward to the next one.”
-LAW Amazon reviewer

“The book is so good I could not put it down, I read it in one day.”

 Robin from MN

“While I was in the middle of chapter 13, I had to use the bathroom badly but I just could not put the book down, so I had to hold the book in one hand and my private in another. LOL”  

Joe from Brooklyn Park MN 

“I know who Grace is, but I’m still trying to figure out who Roderick and Joe are in real life LOL. I got to tell you Mackeline, each line I read makes me want to read more. This is a good book! ” Randall from MN