Mackeline & Company is the parent company of M&C Custom Tailored Men, and Women clothing. It is also the parent of M&C Books, and magazine as well as the future M&C Soul food Restaurant and Dinner Theater. Our company is located in the United States with business interest in Africa. We promote fashion, and entertainment. We aspire to create jobs, which we hope will improve the lives of people in the communities we live, and do business in.

Owner Mackeline Wilson Gibbs was born in Liberia West Africa, and has been in the United States for more than 30 years. “Fashion and entertainment is what I live for. I believe that wearing the right outfit, one that flatters one’s body contours, and form has a positive impact on one’s mood and personality. I am a woman of many interest and talents. Creating beautiful clothes is yet another one of those talents. I taught myself to sew at age fifteen and I have had a passion for clothes since then.”