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Custom tailored, American made, high quality, affordable, men and women clothing, for every occasion, made by Mackeline & Company.

Couture is a word used to describe custom tailored, hand sewn, stylish, high quality, usually high priced clothing. However, not everyone can afford high priced clothes.

Every body type is different.  For some, formed fitted clothes that flatters their body shapes and curves,  looks and feel better, for others loose free fitted clothing works better.  Whatever body type you are, we can work with you.  As humans we are initially judged by the way we look in our clothes. So to make the right impression, We should wear the right clothes that flatters our body type.

In today’s world everything’s fast and easy, which sometimes compromise quality especially when it comes to the clothes we wear. Mackeline & Company believes in high quality and value.  Therefore, our goal is to achieve highest standard in every garment we make.

The wedding


African Wedding  

Our mission is to improve the lives of others through fashion and entertainment. We will work with our customers to create the right outfit that fit your shape and size.

The Bridesmaids and groom

We ask our customers to know his or her body shape and type. We also ask that you know what flatters and what offend your body type when selecting a style or pattern for your outfit. Please be aware that what may look good on one body type may not look as good on another body type.  We find that people are much happier when an article of clothing flatters their body type.

From European to African, and from chiffon to silk, Mackeline & Company works with all types of fabric to create the right style for your special occasion. We also sell fabric on our website. You can select your fabric or chose your color.

We want you to enjoy your new outfit by Mackeline & Company.